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| Solo |


After mainly focussing on chamber music projects for the past few years, Ine brings a new solo program to life. She will bring established works from the romantic guitar repertoire alongside modern classical and lesser known contemporary works, shaping it to be quite the eclectic and unconventional experience. By way of subtle transitions and improvisation, she will mix the old with the new, bridging the gap between centuries and countries. 

| DRE |


Originally, the idea of DRE was to do something different with the music of the great guitarist and composer Roland Dyens (1955 – 2016). To these works, composed for classical guitar solo (Ine Clerckx), a violin (Reinout Pauwels), double bass (Daniele Giampaolo) and percussion (Lucas Heytens) were added by means of improvisation. Even though the works of Dyens are seen as classical guitar music, influences of jazz, Brazilian music and French Chanson are unmistakable. 


In their newest program, DRE experiments with minimal music. They bring works by both established and fairly new composers to life in their unique way. 

| Elles |

Elles is a guitar-violin duo that performs everything from classical to folk, Latin-American repertoire to movie soundtracks. Ine Clerckx (guitar) and Emelie De Bruyne (violin) will adapt their program to every event and location with never failing enthousiasm. 

In 2019, the duo received a master's degree in chamber music with distinction. In there studies, they were coached by Christel Kessels, Raphaëlla Smits and Elisa Kawaguti. 

Music for in your own living room, your garden or at your neighbour's place, work parties, barbecues, baby showers, birthday parties, living room concerts and so on. Perfect for small rooms, big halls and everything in between!

| Une Nuit avec Dyens |

When guitarist-composer Roland Dyens died at the end of 2016, guitarist Ine Clerckx and actress Anke Jochems put together a performance around some of his works. Together they searched for his funiest stories, his most interesting quotes and his most intriguing aspects. The theme of the performance: improvisation.

One plays. the other tells a story.

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